User Guide

1. Extract the International XIM Chip from the plastic card
2. Insert this XIM Chip in your phone (under the battery)
3. Make sure your phone battery is charged
4. Switch your phone on
5. Dial and make a call

1. Always dial numbers with the full international dialing code (country prefix) even if you are calling within a country (e.g. +44 7624 xxx xxx).
2. After dialing the number, there will be a slight pause, as the service rings you back to connect your call. Answer normally. Ignore any messages the phone may display during this process

Only the Global profile uses callback

Your global number is a UK-based phone number, which is printed on your XIM card. Please give either of those numbers to your contacts. You will be able to receive calls immediately after switching on your phone and entering the right PIN at the time of arrival in the country of travel.

For Prepaid accounts, dial "187" to check your account balance. After each call, the system will notify you of the most recent call cost and your remaining account balance.

In case you run out of credit on your XIM Card, additional top-up can be bought over the counter at one of our retail outlets or through online payment here


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